KSL Classifieds Contact Fraud Update

For many years we at KSL Classifieds have worked to create a safe and effective marketplace for you, our loyal customers, to buy and sell fast and easily. But, as with many things today, bad actors can ruin a good thing. As such, and in spite of our significant increases in fraud management teams and technology, we've reached a point where in order to protect our real customers we need to require login to contact sellers. While this may be an initial inconvenience for you, it makes it much easier for us to remove contact fraudsters from the platform, which should significantly reduce the inconvenience of having to deal with those clowns offering to pay you more than you're asking and having their friend/uncle/cousin/courier come pick up the item to deliver it to them in the gulf or on their mission or while they study abroad.

Thank you for your patience and for using KSL Classifieds.