KSL Classifieds Response to Covid-19 Related Price Gouging

With the recent events surrounding Covid-19 and Utah’s current state of emergency, we have partnered with the Utah Attorney General to identify and report any pricing practices intended to take advantage of this crisis.

With this partnership:

  • We are working with the Utah Attorney General's Office and the Division of Consumer Protection as they receive consumer complaints and report suspected KSL Classifieds listings directly to us for further investigation.
  • We are proactively analyzing listing data to identify any bad actors in Utah who are trying to profiteer off the health and safety of Utah citizens; then sharing that information with the Division of Consumer Protection and the Utah Attorney General's Office for potential legal action.

We encourage you in our community to report any listings you suspect of unfair pricing by selecting the flag icon located on each listing page.

Together we can prevent anyone from taking advantage of our collective community.

Attorney General's Office Release: https://attorneygeneral.utah.gov/online-marketplaces-not-exempt-from-price-gouging-laws/