KSL Classifieds will soon begin charging users a $15 fee when creating a new listing for a dog or puppy. This change is being implemented to encourage both a positive user experience and responsible pet ownership practices. 

Why Does KSL Classifieds Charge a Fee for Dog Listings? 

Protecting pets 

We’re treating dog listings differently than other listings because they are different. By attaching a small fee to our dog listings, we’re encouraging the user who creates the listing to have a more vested interest in the well-being of the animal and where it ultimately ends up. 

Improving user experience 

We want to help people find their next dog faster and easier. Our dog listing fee will reduce instances of repetitive or irrelevant listings to help KSL Classifieds users find dogs effectively, and in turn help dogs find a home. 

Giving money back to animal welfare 

We’re using a portion of these fees to support local animal welfare agencies and help the animals and pets in our communities. 


Animal welfare agencies and shelters are exempt from this listing fee to help encourage adoption whenever possible. 


Currently, payments are made using a credit card when creating a listing. As with other listings, your listing will have a set expiration date. You will need to create a new listing if you wish to keep your dog visible on KSL Classifieds after the listing’s expiration date, in which case you will pay a new $15 fee.

KSL Classifieds is one of the few online marketplaces that allow dog listings, and as such, we feel a responsibility to ensure the dogs found on our site are coming from and going to safe homes. Our dog listing fee is a small part of this goal, and part of a larger commitment to making KSL Classifieds a safe and easy way for dogs to find new homes.