An adorable, healthy goldendoodle puppy for only $100? Is that even possible? Probably not. When you see something that seems too good to be true, slightly suspicious or just plain wrong, the CommuniTeam at KSL Classifieds wants to know about it.

In order to keep KSL Classifieds a safe and trusted marketplace, we remove any listings that are deemed fraudulent or otherwise violate our Terms of Use. When it comes to our pets page, this is especially important. Not only do we want to make sure you are buying the dog you think you are, but also that the canines are coming from a safe place.

Reasons to Report

If you see something that makes you leery, you can help us out. Please report a dog listing if you suspect:

  • Fraud. If something feels off, it probably is. For example, do the images look fake? Is the seller refusing to show you medical records?
  • Incorrect pricing. If the price is much lower (or higher) than other listings for similar dogs, it could be a scam.
  • Guardian listing. This iswhen a breeder asks you to be the dog’s caretaker, but they retain the breeding rights. This practice can put animals in harmful situations. Therefore, no such listings are permitted on KSL Classifieds.
  • Mistreatment. If you suspect the dog is being mistreated or harmed in any way. For example, the dog seller always has a new litter available (overbreeding the mother).
  • Duplicate listing. No more than one listing per dog is allowed.

How to Flag a Listing on KSL Classifieds

When you see a dog listing that does not meet our Terms of Use, or concerns you about the animal’s well-being, click or tap the flag iconin the upper right corner of the listing. Easy! You’ll be asked to fill out a super short form. Then, we can investigate and remove inappropriate listings promptly.

Required Information

To fill out the Report Abuse Form:

  1. Click on or tap the box next to the reason that best describes why you are reporting the dog listing. Possible reasons include:
  • Fraud
  • Bad info
  • Miscategorized
  • Inappropriate
  • Duplicate
  1. In the Additional Comments box, please explain the problem in detail. This helps us quickly identify the issue and take appropriate action.
  2. Click or tap Submit. You’re all done! 

Once you’ve flagged a listing, we’ll begin investigating. If the seller has multiple listings, we’ll look into the others as well. Don’t worry, reporting a listing does not notify the lister.

KSL Classifieds wants to make the buying and selling process safe for people and their pets alike. We appreciate your help in identifying any suspicious activity and stopping harmful conduct. Learn more about our policies and how to avoid fraudulent sellers on our Pets page