Hikes are always more fun when your four-legged friend is in tow (although let’s be honest, you’re really the one in tow). To better serve Utah’s canine companions, we used innovative bark-to-text technology to let the pups of Utah.com give us a sampling of their favorite hikes around Salt Lake City, Utah County and Park City. Turns out they’re not too picky — they just want smells. Lots and lots of smells. So we decided to put some Utah.com humans on the case instead. Here are just a few of our favorite dog friendly hikes in the area. 

Dog Lake

Millcreek Canyon | 6 miles | On-leash on even calendar days, off-leash on odd calendar days

The most aptly named hike since “Leave Your Cat at Home Peak.” Located in Millcreek Canyon, a non-watershed haven for local pups, this trail offers hikers the chance to head up the canyons without having to leave Fido at home. Its steady elevation gain and mostly shaded terrain make for a manageable mid-distance outing, and the shallow lake at the end provides a very welcome finish line for doggos. Dogs are not allowed on the trail to Dog Lake that begins in Big Cottonwood Canyon. 

Love at the Lake

Stewart Falls

Aspen Grove | 3.5 miles | Off-leash

A Utah County staple, this hike isn’t for every dog, just the ones that like running through open meadows and jumping around in waterfall spray. If your dog falls into this very exclusive company they’ll love the shaded trail and off-leash exploring. And thanks to its short distance and accessible terrain, this hike serves as a great day trip for both your fur children and your human children. You’ll enjoy stunning alpine views the whole way, with the impressive two-tier, 200-foot waterfall capping off the hike. 

Falling For Fun

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Wasatch Front | Varying distances | On-leash

This vista packed trail is a favorite for residents of Salt Lake, Ogden, Provo — even Idaho. Its segments can be found along the foothills of the Wasatch Front, from the Idaho border all the way to Nephi. The trail will eventually connect and become a single 280-mile path, but your pooch isn’t concerned with plans. They’re more interested in the easygoing landscape and furry friends they’ll make along the way. Some popular starting points include This Is The Place State Park in Salt Lake, Y Mountain in Provo and the 22nd Street trailhead in Ogden. 

Shore is Great

Round Valley

Park City | Varying distances | Off-leash 

The area’s called Round Valley, but if your dog had its way it would be called Around and Around and Around Again Valley. The entirety of this 30-mile trail system is designated as an off-leash space, making it one of the largest off-leash areas in Utah, and one of the best places in the state to hike, bike, run or cross-country ski with your favorite adventure buddy. Due to the area’s popularity, especially with mountain bikers, dogs must be able to respond to voice commands and must always be leashed on the surrounding trails and pathways.

Valley Views

Mount Olympus

Wasatch Boulevard, SLC | 7.5 miles | Off-leash

The best trail for tiring out a spastic spaniel. This steep but scenic trail will have your quads burning, your heart pumping and your dog snoring on the ride home. Although it is a challenge (it covers 4,800 feet in just 3.75 miles), its views of the Salt Lake Valley are endlessly rewarding and definitely worth the trek. Some spots near the summit might be tough for dogs with little scrambling experience, so you might consider turning around early or carrying them at points. Whatever height you reach, be sure to triumphantly lift your dog up like Simba and show all the valley who’s a good boy/girl.


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