Too many baby bunnies bouncing around your backyard? Perfect puppies ready for perpetual playtime? Use KSL Classifieds to list your pets for sale. It’s the ideal place to find safe new homes for your adorable furry, scaly, fluffy or feathery friends. 

Can You Sell Pets on Facebook Marketplace?

Selling animals is prohibited on Facebook Marketplace. Pets, livestock, rescue animals — none of them can be sold on the site. You can’t list animals for adoption either. Even the buy and sell groups don’t allow pet listings. And don’t try including a picture of your snake by calling it a “live necklace.” Facebook Marketplace photos must match the title and description.

Can You Sell Pets on Craigslist?

Pet sales are not allowed on Craigslist, including any kind of stud service. Users are asked to flag such listings so they are quickly removed. You may list an animal that needs to be rehomed. However, there are no oversights or regulations in the anonymous process, so you won’t know if your pets are going to a safe place.

Can You Sell Pets on Mercari?

No animals may be sold on Mercari. If a seller attempts to sell any live animal on the site, the listing will be removed. The seller’s account may also be suspended and perhaps even terminated altogether. 

Can You Sell Pets on OfferUp?

While you may post animal products, live animal listings are never allowed on OfferUp. That includes house pets, farm animals, even insects. OfferUp terms of use also prohibit any wildlife animal sales, or any wildlife products. Sorry, you’ll have to keep your pet rhinoceros. Any listings that violate the policy are removed. Additional action may be taken for repeat offenders.

Can You Sell Pets on eBay?

Pets and most other live animals may not be listed on eBay. The site does allow listings for some insects, bait and tropical fish. Sellers must provide government permits and guarantee that the items will be delivered safely and overnight. Any violations of the eBay terms of use may result in lower seller ratings and future restrictions. Other listings from the seller may also be demoted in the search results.

Can You Sell Pets on KSL Classifieds?

Yes! You can list pets for adoption or sale on KSL Classifieds. There’s a $15 charge for all dog listings — a portion of which goes to local animal shelters — while all other pet listings are free. Our policies and procedures help responsible breeders and pet sellers find safe and loving homes for your small friends. And it’s the place that responsible future owners know they can find pets that are healthy and well cared for.

Use KSL Classifieds to sell your pets. More than 120,000 pet listings are viewed every day, making it the best choice to get your listing seen.